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Watch Pat in the Hat in action!


“I have never seen my two boys laugh that much - honestly. We're a pretty serious bunch.”

--Linda for the children of the San Jose Sharks players

“You are better than TV!”

--Brianna, 5 years old at Catholic Day Care

“You’re the best!”

--Michael Pritchard, Comedian

“That’s the only clown my daughter wants! It can’t be any other clown, it has to be this particular clown called Pat in the Hat!”

--Anna A.

“I wanted to thank you again, a good time was had by all; it was wonderful! The kids and everyone loved it! If you ever need a recommendation, I’m your gal!”

--Isabel, Hebrew Academy

“Wow! Certainly glad I didn’t get the ’yo-yo guy‘! ”

--Chester, hired me for his wife’s 50th

“You’re one step away from Broadway!”

--Victor, 72 year old birthday

“You’re the Picasso of balloon hats!”

--Karen P., mother:

“That balloon hat is the best Dr. Seuss hat I’ve ever seen!”

--Linda, guest


“You are better than TV!”

--James, 10 year old at Sunnyvale extended day care

“I give you a 10!!”

--Edwina, 11 year old at a 1 year old birthday party

“See you next year at my birthday!”

--Nicholas, 5 years old

“I like you so much that I decided to let you come to my birthday party. I’m going to be 6 on my birthday. I want you to make me a race car balloon. Good bye.”


“This is some kind of party! We had fun!”

--Joshua, 6 year old

“ You have a good imagination!”

--Tiffany, 9 years old, LSI Logic

“You’re super-dooper double funny!”

--Paul, 6 years old

“You’re fun to play with!”

--Megan - 5 years old

“Isn’t what you’re doing kind of risky?”

--Jeff, 12 years old

“You’re doing magic with those balloons! I’ll never be able to make what you’re making!”

--David Hamren, 5 years old

“Balloons make us very happy!”

--Audrey, 4 years old

“Pat in the Hat, are you sure you love me?”

--Sophie, 4 years old

“That magic trick was physically impossible!”

--Xavier, 11 year old, UCSF medical center patient

“Is this real or am I just seeing things? (looking at my balloon creations) ”

--J.D., 9 year old

“This is going to be a PARTY! (when Pat in the Hat walked in) - ”

--Jordan, 4 year old, San Francisco


“Hi Pat
First of all, I want to thank you again for the wonderful job you did at the Adobe Systems Gallery party! People were still buzzing about your amazing balloon-creations when we returned to work on Monday. We really enjoyed having you there!”

--Kaari at Adobe

“Many thanks to you for making Baby Matthew’s Red Egg Party such a special one. Everyone was so impressed by your truly are an artist! I personally am awestruck over the Mickey and Minnie that you did. I could go on and on... You really have been blessed with such a talent to make people smile. We’ll definitely keep you in mind for parties in the future! Happy Holidays!”


“Once I hired you, I knew everything was going to be perfect!”

--Betsy, Logistics

“The holiday party was a great success, in large part due to your company ”

--Jan J., Cherry Blossom Retirement Inn

“I just want to tell you how much we enjoyed your entertainer at our private party. She was perfect - everyone loved her entertainment. It was absolutely terrific. We will not hesitate to recommend you all in the future!”

--Sherry S.

“You are most welcome, Pat. I enjoyed watching the faces of the little ones, and a few big ones for that matter! Your presence made all the difference in the world. We will be setting up a schedule for next year, and I will contact you then! Your face painter arrived and dazzled her audience as well! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,”

From Tina, Festival Promoter


“Thank you so much for the clown making my daughter Ishika’s birthday party on March 18th a memorable one. All the kids loved her and the grownups appreciated her balloon art. Thank you so much!!!”

--Tarun & Bhumika

“Our entire team thanks you for the wonderful hours of happiness Murphy provided for our corporate children’s party in August. His love and consideration for the children was so evident! ”


“Hi Pat,
Your clown was wonderful, the kids had a great time. Thank you so much. I will recommend you guys to my friends.”


“ I wanted to let you know that your clown did an excellent job, it was fantastic! We were very pleased with the service. I want to let you know he did a wonderful job. If you have any questions, call me!”

--Heather, mother

“Thank you for helping me find Snow White. She was great! I was impressed with her costume and her performance. Thanks for another great party - it’s been fun working with you! ”


“The face painter and Austin Powers impersonator were quite a hit at my husband's 60th birthday party! Thank you very much - they were absolutely terrific - we had a great time. Thank you for putting up with me and all my questions! It was exactly what I wanted!”


“Your singer did a terrific job performing his music! It went better than I hoped, better than I expected - it was perfect! Thank you very much and look forward to working with you again! ”

--Pat, Kaiser Oakland

“Hi Patrick - my company picnic was a huge success! Everyone raved about it! They especially liked the entertainment. Your artist was an incredible face painter - next year we’ll want her to be there longer. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the magic show and the balloon artist was also terrific. Thanks as always for helping me look good!
Take care,”

--Joyce, Global VR

“Patrick, I just wanted to say thank you for our clown on January 8th. She was AMAZING! Everyone couldn’t believe the balloons she made. She was wonderful. If I ever need you again, I will definitely hire her! Thanks again!”



“You were amazing! We had fun too!”


“At my age, nothing impresses me- and you’re impressive!”

--Grandma Sanchez

“You definitely did not miss your calling!”

--Gwen, 43

“You’re very impressive!”

--Vicky, guest mother at 3 year old birthday party

“ You’re a creative genius! ”

--Susan, employee at 3Com party

“ You customize each creation to each one’s personality! That old guy needed some TLC, and you certainly gave it to him! ”

--Wini, 69 years old

“You make a lot of people smile, that’s the gospel truth!”

--Vesta, 90 years old

“You were great. You were very entertaining for us adults too!”

--Satiya, visitor at Stefan’s 7 yo party.


“The kids LOVED it! I’d totally recommend you! ”

--Carol, mother of a 4 year old

“You are wonderful! You’re the best entertainment we’ve had yet!”


“ Your show was GREAT! This was the best investment we could have made! We thank you for helping us make Isaac and Jayda’s 2nd birthday a blast!”

-- Vaishali, mother of 6 year old

“You were a great success!”

--Yvette, mother of Talia 7 year old and Nina 2 year old

“Everyone had a great time! You were so popular! The other parents were raving. We have another party coming up. ”

--Shannon G., mother of Simon, 4 years old


“You made my daughter’s day! She was beside herself and very happy - I haven’t seen her like that for a while.”


“We could not have managed all those kids in our house without you! Thanks for the entertainment!”

--Doug, father of 3 year old girl

“Your presence made a great difference at my wife’s 30th birthday party. I was really impressed! ”

--Bill, San Jose

“I can’t thank you enough! The kids had such a wonderful time! And that hat you made for the two year old was funny, funny, funny, funny! ”

--Jeff, father of 4 year old


“You made my daughter’s dreams come true!”

--Tina, Portal Player company picnic

“Thank you for the wonderful performance! We enjoyed it. Thank you!”

--Lourdes, Rose Meadows Elder Care Home

“Your work is like no other balloonist I have ever seen - so intricate and detailed!”

--Victoria at her daughter's bat mitzvah

“You blow people people away! You blow their sadness away!”

--Tim S., Fuller Seminary

“You’re the bomb! - ”

--Lois, SBC, Oakland


“Hi there Pat,
I really wanted to tell you what an absolutely wonderful time the children had at the party. We have watched the video we took of your show a few times now and I am amazed at how you managed to capture the children’s attention for the whole time you were here. All the children really loved your show even the two or three children that told me they didn’t like clowns seemed to be spell-bound. I have had Mums of children from the party tell me that their children thought your show was brilliant and talked about if for days after. Thank you once again. We will be using your services again with my younger daughter’s birthday in January. Regards, ”

--The Hooper Family

We just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the wonderful entertainment you provided for the children yesterday at Ethan’s birthday party :-) Ethan was really cracking up during your routine, and the balloon creations were astounding; you made many children very happy with their painted faces too!
Take Care & God bless ”

--Euan M.

“Thanks so much for coming to my class. The children truly enjoyed the time. One little boy who is very apprehensive with strangers was laughing so much and enjoying watching you. His parents told me that they were thinking he would have a difficult time because the last time he saw a clown he cried. . . pretty amazing! Thanks for blessing the students at my school. ”