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DVD - Here Comes the Clown!

We created a delightful Clown Movie DVD that entertains the kids for hours!

From American Library Journal: “This entertaining program will delight viewers who like simple silliness and clown acts. Boswick is extremely professional ( a former clown with Ringling Brothers Circus) and his recognition of the allure of classic clown routines is most refreshing. Highly recommended for clown fans everywhere!”

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Pat In The Hat's Novelty Store

Make the memories last with our custom clothing and toys! Great for party favors.Check it out!

Party Extras

Consider giving each guest the Pat in the Hat comic book, and a DVD! Great for making the memories of your special event last a long time. Call us for special pricing. (408)364-9633

20-page Pat In The Hat comic book!

Balloons! Balloons! Balloons!

Products for Professionals

Call us for your balloon orders (408)364-9633. We have balloons that are always fresh and available!

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We carry Qualatex 260's, 160's, 350's in assortments, solid colors, as well as a full selection of Betallatex balloons. We also carry specialty twisting balloons such as 6 inch hearts, 5 " imprints, pumps and many other balloon supplies. Just ask!

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